Sportbikes Take Center Stage—EICMA 2018

Everyone’s been harping on about the death of sportbikes for so long that it’s become accepted wisdom: No one—especially “the youths”—wants uncomfortable, single-minded sportbikes anymore. Well, everyone must be wrong (thank goodness). When we look at dwindling sportbike sales, we have to look at what’s available at dealerships. Sportbike riders like progress. If a model is lingering on the showroom floor, is it because it’s in the seventh year of production? No one wants that. Supersport machines aren’t irrelevant; it’s…

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Smitty’s Market BBQ • 11-14-2018

Stopped by Smitty’s Market to try out their BBQ Brisket! I was very disappointed with the brisket, it had a good smokey taste, but it was very chewy. Almost like eating Jerky! They did try to fix things and the piece of brisket they brought me was better, but still a little chewy. Cash only and pay separate for meats and sides. I can not recommend this place for brisket! Home Map Location: Riding For A Cure Where In…

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